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Microsoft Response Point is an advanced phone system from Microsoft designed to be used in PABX systems targeting small businesses with less than 50 employees. 
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Microsoft Response Point Overview requires Adobe.

Response Point is VoIP-based, and uses the SIP protocol. Response Point also supports voicemail and multi-party calling, in addition to regular VoIP calls.  Response Point features an advanced voice-control interface to manage calls as well as voice mails. Call notifications can be forwarded to the PC and voicemails to email, as well. It can work either with Microsoft Office Outlook contacts or Response Point phone directory
  • Easy to Manage
    Easy to Manage

    Response Point’s management console makes it easy to set up a new phone, change user preferences and create a call distribution list. The flexibility of Response Point allows you to quickly add new phones as you hire new employees and easily relocate phones between offices.

  • Easy to Use
    Easy to Use

    With the innovative Response Point button users can transfer, park and retrieve calls by voice and easily access co-workers by simply saying their name. Voicemail features allow you to retrieve, forward and archive messages from your phone or your e-mail.

  • Easy to Grow
    Easy to Grow

    Response Point phone systems will come complete with a base unit, voicemail, software and desktop phone. And with no hidden charges or licensing fees, you’ll be able to use as many features or add as many extensions as you like.
















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